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Here, we will keep you up to date with all the news relating to the ECO Affordable Warmth Obligation including any proposed changes to the scheme and any alterations to qualifying criteria.

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ECO Replacement Scheme Due In 2018

ECO replacement will not start until 2018 even though the current ECO Scheme, the Energy Companies Obligation, is due to end in March 2017 according to Lord Bourne, the Energy Efficiency Minister. The current ECO Scheme consists of three parts: CERO, the Carbon Emissions Reduction Obligation CSCO, the Carbon […]

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Ten ways to make your home more energy efficient

The Affordable Warmth Scheme is scheduled to finish in March 2017 and the Green Deal has already finished but there are plenty of ways that you can make your home more energy efficient to reduce your heating bills. Install loft insulation Install cavity wall insulation Install a […]

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Green Campaigners Condemn Osbourne’s Cuts To Affordable Warmth Scheme

Cuts to Affordable Warmth Scheme   Cuts to Affordable Warmth Scheme – Charities and Green groups have expressed their anger at George Osbourne’s announcement in the Spending Review and Autumn Statement that the UK’s most important energy efficiency initiative for homeowners suffering from fuel poverty is to […]

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Ten Facts About The Affordable Warmth Scheme

Ten facts about the Affordable Warmth Scheme     Apply for a boiler grant with the Affordable Warmth Scheme     The Affordable Warmth Scheme is part of the Government’s ECO initiative (Energy Company Obligations) which is designed to reduce energy consumption in homes by installing new, […]

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Act Fast To Take Advantage Of Green Deal Cash Back Payments

Green Deal Under the Green Deal scheme householders can take out a Green Deal Loan to contribute to the installation cost of energy efficient home improvements and the repayments are made out of future energy savings.  Due to a poor take up, in January 2013 the Government […]

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New Director General Of The DECC’s Consumer And Households Group

The Chief Executive of the Office of Fair Trading, Clive Maxwell, has been appointed as Director General of the Consumers and Households Group at the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC). The DECC’s Consumers and Households Group is responsible for improving energy efficiency and helping both […]

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Government Review Into Energy Supply Problems After 750,000 Homes Suffer Power Disruption Over Christmas Holiday Period Due To The Most Severe Winter Weather Since 1993

Government review into energy supply problems Yesterday the RT Hon ED Davey MP, Energy Secretary for the Department of Energy and Climate Change, met with Ofgem, The Energy Networks Association and energy Distribution Network Operators to discuss how they reacted to household power cuts caused by some […]

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Government Proposes Help With Energy Bills & Extends ECO Scheme

DECC to help with energy bills and extend ECO The Rt. Hon. Edward Davey MP, Minister for the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has published the Government’s proposals to help householders with their rising energy bills.  The result is that British households should have their […]

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Ed Davey Considers Moving ECO Green Levy From Energy Bills To General Taxation

Ed Davey, the Liberal Democrat Energy Secretary, is involved in negotiations to move the green levy which pays for ECO (including the Affordable Warmth scheme) from energy bills to general taxation.  This could result in an average £53 annual reduction in energy bills from as early as […]

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David Cameron Plans To Cut Green Taxes On Energy Bills

Following recent above inflation price rises introduced by British Gas, Scottish Power and npower, the Prime Minister David Cameron has announced that he plans to halve the green levies on electricity and gas bills to help consumers.  He is also considering a windfall tax on energy companies […]

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