ECO Scheme Storage Heater Grants and Boiler Grants

Boiler Grants and Storage Heater Grants for Flats and Apartments from the Government's Affordable Warmth Scheme

Boiler grants and storage heater grants are available for householders and private tenants who live in flats and apartments but the way that funding is calculated often means that ECO grants will be lower than for larger properties.

Deemed Scores

From 1st April 2017 a system of ‘deemed scores’ will be used to determine the amount of an ECO grant for particular householders. Funding amounts under the deemed score system are based on a number of factors relating to the property. These include:

  • Type of property, house, flat, bungalow etc.,
  • Whether the property is detached, semi-detached, terraced,
  • Number of bedrooms,
  • Number of external walls,
  • Type of heating, gas electric, oil etc.,

The intention is to apply higher levels of funding to properties which would benefit most (in terms of cutting the amount of energy used and reducing carbon emissions) from a more efficient heating system.

Unfortunately because flats and apartments tend not to have the same proportion of external wall area as houses for their size, heat energy lost from them is generally less and therefore the saving achieved by installing an energy efficient boiler or storage heaters is also less.

Contribution to the Cost of Installation

This means that generally, householders in flats will receive a lower grant than occupants of houses and would often be asked to contribute to the cost of a new boiler or storage heaters.

However, the Government is currently reviewing the Affordable Warmth Scheme with the intention to focus on tackling fuel poverty more directly, rather than concentrating on reducing carbon emissions so the situation for householders in flats and apartments could improve.

Affordable Warmth Scheme provides funding for STORAGE HEATER GRANTS
Free Storage Heaters - Dimplex Quantum Storage Heaters are available with Free Storage Heater Grants
Free Boiler Grants are available with the Affordable warmth Scheme