ECO Scheme Heating and Insulation Grants

The Warm Front scheme, which helped people at risk from fuel poverty closed to new applications on 19 January 2013 although existing applications will still be processed. The scheme specifically helped those on low incomes living in properties with poor insulation or without a properly working heating system.

The Warm Front Scheme made privately owned or rented homes more energy-efficient and warmer but householders could only apply for it if they were receiving certain income-related state benefits. Warm Front offered a package of heating and insulation measures costing up to £3,500, or £6,000 for oil central heating and some other alternative technologies.

Similar schemes were also available in Wales (the NEST programme), Scotland (Energy Assistance Package Scheme) and Northern Ireland (the Warm Homes Scheme) but all have now been phased out and replaced with the Green Deal and the Energy Companies Obligation.

Part of the Energy Companies Obligation is the Affordable Warmth Scheme under which private households on certain state benefits can apply for a new ‘A’ rated energy efficient central heating boiler, loft insulation or cavity wall insulation to installed in their homes completely free of charge. The funding will be provided by the energy suppliers and it is forecast that up to £1.3 billion will be available each year until March 2015.


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