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ECO Flex Grants from the Affordable Warmth Scheme

Local Authority Approved Heating and Insulation Grants under ECO Flexible Eligibility Rules

ECO Flex Grants - Qualifying Criteria

Before the ECO Scheme qualifying rules were changed in April 2017, successful applicants were required to receive one of the qualifying State Benefits or Tax Credits.

The problem with this is that approximately 20% of householders suffering from fuel poverty do not receive one of the relevant benefits. Fuel poverty is generally accepted as the need to spend more than 10% of your income to heat your home to an acceptable level.

ECO Flex Grants were introduced to change this situation.

Now, householders may still qualify for a Boiler Grant or a Storage Heater Grant even if they don’t receive State Benefits or Tax Credits.  The ECO Flex Grants Scheme helps those householders who are not in receipt of means tested benefits but who are living on a low income and are vulnerable to the effects of living in a cold home.

Local Authorities

Under the ECO Scheme Flexible Eligibility arrangement, local authorities are permitted to identify and designate households as eligible under the Affordable Warmth Scheme.

Local Authorities can set their own criteria to decide who should qualify for a boiler grant or storage heater grant under the ECO Flex Grants scheme but four aspects are considered:

  1. Health – Health can be a major factor when assessing how much heat is required in your home and the following factors are considered: Cardiovascular conditions, Respiratory diseases, Cancer, Diabetes and Permanent disabilities.
  2. Age – Older householders can be particularly affected by exposure to the cold so any household will be considered where someone over 60 years of age live there.
  3. Type of Property – Some homes require more heat than others due to their particular characteristics and properties with an EPC rating of F or G may qualify.

You can contact your local authority to ask them about the detailed qualifying criteria they adopt when considering ECO Flex Grants but they may ask you to apply with us first.

ECO Flex Grants for Boilers

ECO Flex Grants Scheme

ECO Flex Grants from Powys County Council

Every Local Authority can determine it’s own rules regarding ECO Flex Grants but the following information is shown as an example of how the ECO Flex Grants Scheme operates for Powys County Council 

Heating Systems, Upgrades and Insulation measures.
Via – Energy Company Obligation (ECO) Local Authority Flexible Eligibility (LA FLEX)
The aim of the scheme is to install energy efficiency measures in properties that are currently energy inefficient which in turn reduce households’ fuel bills. This is an opportunity, if your home qualifies, for potential improvements such as a new central heating system, upgrades to the existing heating system and/or insulation measures. Powys County Council will be qualifying households based on information supplied on an application form available from Private Sector Housing, The Gwalia, Ithon Road, Llandrindod Wells, Powys, LD1 6AA. 01597 827464

Declarations for those who could benefit from improvements will be issued direct to the organisation chosen to deliver your installation.
Your chosen organisation will obtain funding from Energy Companies obligated under (ECO) to deliver measures under this scheme. Companies will have a limited amount of ECO funding available and this will be utilised on a first come first serve basis.

What Happens next?
1. Complete the application form if you consider yourself in fuel poverty and eligible to apply.
Funding is available to owner occupiers and private rented tenants. To be eligible for inclusion of flexible eligibility in Powys
i) your home must be energy inefficient; and/or
ii) householder(s) is vulnerable to the effects of living in a cold property.
This is determined by criteria on the Application Form and requires a signed declaration by the applicant.
2. Powys County Council verifies your application – A fee is applied, payable by your installer.
The Local Authority will issue a signed declaration to the organisation of your choice.
3. The organisation investigates potential measures for installation.
The final decision on whether a household receives a measure under flexible eligibility or other ECO funding streams will be made by the organisation who you instruct. Qualification and the declaration by Powys County Council does not guarantee installation of any measures, as the final decision will be made by the supplier.
4. Installation of qualifying measures.
If your property is considered suitable for measures then the organisation will commission the work. Permission and access will need to be provided by the owner and resident to enable the smooth delivery of works.
Please complete the following Application Form and arrange for your chosen supplier to return, with supporting evidence (where applicable) to the address, or email on the top of the form. Your application will be considered and if it is determined that you and/or your property are eligible a declaration will be issued to your chosen supplier. The declaration can only be used to obtain energy efficiency measures, e.g. heating systems and insulation from your chosen supplier while funding remains available.

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ECO Flex Grants Scheme